Your Way Or God’s Way

I know most of us have probably been very guilty of this. We have not always walked in obedience every time God spoke and gave us precise instructions to carry out an assignment. We missed it along the way.

Our response was O’ Lord I can’t do that, or God now that’s just crazy, or ignored the instructions all together hoping they would please change or just  go away. Raise your hand and be honest if you have experienced this in your walk with God!!!!! Well, I will be the first I certainly have!!!

David as you very well know was a man after God’s own heart. He loved being in His presence. Not to mention his unshameful breakouts of worship and praise to God.

There is so much to share in this story. But today I would like to share just one main point. 1st Chronicles 13:1-7

David consulted with the captains and leaders ( not the Lord)  and said  let us bring back the Ark of our Lord to Israel. David so badly wanted the Ark and the  presence of the Lord with Him and back among the people.

Well God had given precise instructions on how to transport (carry) the Ark. It was to be carried  by using two wooden poles inserted through rings on each side. The levites were to carry it on their shoulders. It was to the point that He made it  very clear for no one to touch the Ark  or they would die.

Now, for some reason David carried the Ark on a NEW CART!!!!  I’m wondering if he did not remember the instructions because it had been so long, or was it that it was the easiest, most convenient, and quickest way to reach their destination. See, it looks like David  created his own way. Because of this there was a delay, there was also the death of one of the leaders.

How many times have we created a NEW CART ( our own way)  to try to get to our next destination? All of the instructions have already been given by God Himself. But we think we can do it in a better, easier or quicker way. We end up failing, falling, and experiencing death  (no life)  in that particular area of our life. There is a way that seems right to man but the end leads to death. Proverbs 14:12  Still not there yet, and not walking in His best. Not receiving His blessings, favor, and presence because of our disobedience.

We must stop trying to carry our goals,visions, dreams, and assignments on a NEW CART (our way) and go back and seek God ( His way) and follow His precise instructions!!!

Make it an amazing day!!

Felicia Baugh

Minister, Mentor, Coach

Flourishing With Purpose