As I am sitting here preparing to start my day I began to think about this scripture. 2nd Corth 5:7. We walk by faith and not by sight. What happens when we walk by FAITH? I know we have to take our eyes off what we see in the natural realm. If we focus on what we see with our limited vision doubt and fear will begin to flood our minds. Let me share what I discovered about the difference in the two.

Walking by FAITH means I must trust God.

Walking by FAITH means I believe in my heart that God will show up and manifest His power and glory.

Walking by FAITH means standing on the promises of God alone along with walking in obedience.

Walking by FAITH will change you and your life.

If we walk by SIGHT it brings on negativity. It will control your emotions and state of mind. Even though what you see may be true, we have to stand on the truth of the Word of God.

Walking by SIGHT will cause us to begin to walk in fear.

Walking by SIGHT will cause us to be controlled by anxiety and worry.

Walking by SIGHT will staunt our growth in Christ and our life. 

Walking by SIGHT will put you on pause, cause you to revert back, constantly take detours, and sometimes completely stop all together!!!

Walking by SIGHT will cause you to stay in Kadesh Barnea ( Desert of Zin) and never cross over to your Promise Land. This is what happened to the children of Israel. When the spies brought back the report of what they saw, that they couldn’t handle that’s what they immediately believed. What they saw in the natural (giants) made them even think differently about themselves. They called themselves grasshoppers!!!!!

They let their sight override their faith in what God had already told them!!! He said He would be with them and He would drive the enemy out of the land. What giants are in your life that God has already spoken to you about? As you know, they never reached the Promise Land!!!!

God has a land of abundance ( milk and honey) planned for us. But we cannot reach it  (cross over)  if we don’t keep trusting God, working, and moving forward by faith in our assignment . If we get stuck on what we see verses on what we know and believe (by faith) we will not enter in.

I encourage you on  today to keep moving, keep your eyes on God. Stay close to Him, seek, listen and obey His voice. Keep believing and just know that God will PERFECT (that) which He has started in you!!! Notice I said what  He started. Just keep moving forward. He will do the rest. God desires to bless you!!!! 

Have a Flourishing Day.

by Felicia Baugh