The Good Shepherd

Psalms 23 V1-3

The LORD is my shepherd.
I shall not want,
He makes me to lie down in green pastures;
He leads me beside the still waters
He restores my soul; He leads me in the path of righteousness
For His name’s sake

 God I thank you for being a good shepherd!!!!!!!!

The Lord my God is my shepherd!!! Reading and meditating on theses verses let me know that we have a God that tenderly cares for us. We don’t have to lack anything. Isn’t that good news? This is very comforting to my soul. He takes care of  and provides for His sheep. Yahweh is not just more than enough,  but He is our best friend,  and our Heavenly Father. He makes sure we have all that we need and more. Every need  that we may have emotionally, physically or spiritually will be meet. He intentionally cares for us with such a deep love.  Our shepherd is responsible for the welfare of His sheep (His children). He makes sure His sheep is protected.

Because He is so loving  and compassionate He leads us beside the still waters. He leads us to a quiet resting place, when we have grown tired and weary. There are times that we just become drained  and depleted from the cares of life. Our souls need a refreshing!!!  He  knows just how to  restore, revive and renew us!!!!!

Take comfort and hope on today in knowing that  we have a Good Shepherd!!!!!! One that loves, tenderly cares, provides, protects, and leads us to a place of rest!!

Let’s all flourish together