Stop Overscheduling Yourself

Hello Flourishing Moms!

Get your calendar out and look at it. Do you know what you’re doing on any given day that helps you achieve your goals? Is the calendar empty or is it completely full of things you are supposed to do? Do you use or ignore the calendar? A schedule is only as good as it is realistic.

Here are a couple things to remember.

Know Your Priorities
The only way to know what your priorities are is to know how the task is connected to the goals that you’ve set for yourself. Put any task that has the most impact first over other tasks that have less impact. The only way to know for sure of the impact is to engage in tracking and measuring of your actions to ensure that your plans are working.

Stop Saying Yes Right Away
When anyone asks something of you that requires that you use time, do not say yes automatically. Instead, look at your schedule to see if you can really do it. Also, determine if there is a benefit for doing it. If this thing doesn’t lead to meeting one of your goals, don’t do it. For example, many people put checking emails on their list, but it doesn’t really help them, and they could check it a lot less.

Schedule Every Important Thing
Don’t just schedule the things that make money, or that run your household. Also, schedule the personal items that are important for your life and health. In your calendar, schedule time each day for the kids, your spouse, yourself, and your friends. Make those a priority and schedule everything else around that part of your life. Set realistic and adequate time limits so that you don’t under or overschedule your available time.

Finally, use some form of an electronic schedule that you can keep track of anywhere. Even free Google Calendar can work for you because it connects to your devices. Double-check your to-do lists every night before bed so that you can get prepared for tomorrow.

Remember to give yourself enough time to do each thing and to focus 100 percent on what you’re doing when you’re doing it for the best results.


Being a working mother and wife can be very challenging. Planning your work and working your plan helps us to create and maintain work life balance. This Flourishing Self Care Planner will empower and equip you for your daily task. It will also inspire you to make self care a top priority.