Only One Thing Is Needed

Busy, Busy, Busy!!! We are always on the move. I feel like we are constantly serving in some  way or the other. We are working a full time job, preparing dinner, cleaning our homes, taking our children to events, taking care of our elderly parents  serving in our church homes and communities not to mention just trying to find time for ourselves.

Well, we all know the story about Martha and Mary. They were sisters. Martha invited Jesus into their home. I would say Martha operated in her gift of hospitality. She wanted the meal to be just right for the special guest ( Jesus). We all know what it is like to have guests over for dinner. We want the  food prepared to be at perfection and everything operating in order. This is where Martha's focus was. It was not a bad thing. I actually saw it as a strength. She got DISTRACTED with much SERVING. I would say we do this all of the time, better yet daily. Let’s take a look at her sister.


Mary took advantage of the opportunity at hand!!! I know she did not mean to leave her sister holding the bag with all of the responsibilities of preparing the food and all. But I could just feel Mary’s excitement about SITTING at Jesus feet and learning from Him, hearing His words. I would have left my sister too!!!!!! How many of us have gotten cumbered ( pulled in all directions)  mind divided, stressed, and anxious from all of your responsibilities?


SERVING verses SITTING. All of these  things  that we are doing are an important part of us serving. But it comes a time when a choice must be made. We need to lay aside those things for a moment in exchange for something much more valuable. It is being in His presence. All of these other things are good. But the one thing that we truly need is being neglected!!!! The essential part of our life is not being nurtured.

Sometimes we have to readjust our priorities. Seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Matthew 6:33 God will help us align our day, adjust all of our activities to get everything done in that one day. He will also give us  a strategy for the next day.

It comes down to making a choice. Will you go back and readjust your priorities if they  have slipped out of line ? Will you choose the good part, the one thing that is needed the most? Many times we need to cease from our labor (serving) and run into His presence!!!!

This is a very critical part of growing in our relationship with the father. It is also an important part of developing work life balance in our life!!!


Have a Blessed & Balanced Day!


Felicia Baugh

Flourishing With Purpose