Happy Mother’s Day!!!

I got up this morning thinking about what Mother’s Day message I needed  to share. The word fatigue kept coming back to me. I am the mother of two sons that I love dearly.  Mothering is more than a job or responsibility, mothering is a ministry. It takes a lot of  hard work!!!! There are many sacrifices  you have to make in being a mother. Our children are to be loved and nurtured. Along with caring for our children  we also have to care for our homes, work and take care of other responsibilities.

When God wanted to illustrate His love for His people He used the illustration of a mother. A mother lets go of her own life for the sake of her child, and how she covers her children.The truth of how much  God loves us can transform  our thoughts about any sacrifice we would ever make.This helps us see the rewards and joy of mothering. Being a mother is a very high calling and an all consuming task that God has entrusted us with. A  godly mother is a nation's  greatest treasure, and the Lord’s best helpers. 

Sometimes in carrying it all, we get very tired and weary. This is when we need to steal away to get refreshed, renewed  and invigorated. Mother’s we need an uninterrupted time of prayer, time of mediation, reflection, relaxation, and to be in our heavenly father’s presence. We need to be able to walk away from all of those responsibilities just for a little while. We will feel better and stronger!!! We would also have a new sense of vitality and energy!! This is how we are able to go from Fatigue to Flourishing !!!!!  I would like to say a prayer asking God to strengthen and renew all of the mother’s on today!!


Father God in the Name of Jesus

I thank you and praise you for blessing us all to see and celebrate another Mother’s Day

We thank you for your grace, your mercies, your compassion, and  goodness upon us

We thank you for our seeds, our rewards you have blessed us with

Children are a heritage from You Lord

We know You  love them more than we ever could

God you know the plans that you have for each of our children, to prosper them, plans for their future 

Helps us O God to give them wholly back to you like Hannah

As mothers I ask O God that you strengthen and equip us daily

Helps us to nurture and parent through your  love, wisdom, and knowledge 

Help us to lead them in the way that they should go accordingly to your will for their life

You have given us a big task and we are so thankful and blessed, but we need You  in all aspects and seasons of our parenting

I ask You  right now, to touch every mother that reads this blog.

Strengthen, empower, renew, refresh, and refuel us

Supply every need that we may have in being a woman, wife  and mother 

Mentally, emotionally, and physically

Let your purpose and plan prevail for us, that our lives will bring you glory

Let your face shine upon us, and let your favor surround us

Continue to uplift and keep us

In Jesus Name I pray, Amen

Have a blessed Mother’s Day

Felicia Baugh

Flourishing With Purpose