Display Your Fruit

Greetings Flourishing Woman

Galatians 6:22 ~ But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, self control. Against such there is no law.

In this passage, Paul wanted us to understand the power of us walking in the Spirit so we will not fulfill the lust of the flesh. He wanted us to understand how the Holy Spirit abide in us to produce good  fruit. God desires for us to grow and become more Christ-like so that His character can be reflected  in and through us.

We don't become perfected over night, but we have to diligently work to lay aside and weed out the old  nature so that the new can come to the surface. Everyday we should welcome the Holy Spirit to fill us and come have free reign in our lives. God desires for the Fruit of the Spirit to be on display in our life. There will be a change in our character. The beauty will manifest from the inside out.

Let's look at the 9 characteristics of the fruit.

  • Love- Love expresses itself in loving ways. Always concerned with the welfare of others.
  • Joy- Happinness and delight is not based on circumstances. We have the fullness of joy in Him. The joy of the Lord is our strength.
  • Peace- He give us peace not as the world gives. You have to know where the peace is!! It's in Him!! Keep building your personal relatioship with Him.
  • Patience- Endurance, longsuffering and learning how to press our way through are all examples of practicing patience. Patience is a key to trust & maturity.
  • Kindness/Goodness- Being generous to others
  • Faithfulness- Be trustworthy and dependable ties back to practicing patience. It also exemplifies us walking in obedeince. God is faithful to His word.
  • Gentleness & Meekness- Being graceful. Showing controlled strength.
  • Self Control- Having the strength to say no to the flesh and yes to the Spirit. Our thoughts, appetites, speech and behavior will be affected. 

Walking in the array of this beautiful colorful  fruit will cause us to definitely blossom. It will add virtue, growth, and prosperity to our lives. Let's flourish together!!