Demands! Demands! . . . . . Working On Overload

Have you ever experienced  times in your life that you felt like you were being stretched like a rubber band? You felt tight, and it seemed like you were being pulled and stretched to the limit. You could not even sleep the night before because your mind was racing with all of the things you felt like you had to get done the next day. Of course you know the battlefield is in the mind. 

Well, of course you have not gotten proper rest so you wake up grumpy and tired. You begin to get dressed for work and you just feel like you can’t make it because you have been running on overload. You are working a full time job, taking care of  your children, striving to be a good supportive spouse, and got to think about what’s for dinner. You may even be taking care of elderly parents in this season. You feel like you are overloaded and headed to burnout.

I have been there, and still struggle with some of the same issues. We are all in different seasons of mothering, but the nurture and care of our children I believe is the same. So I just want to share with you 3 Powerful P’s that brought me some release from the tension of my  everyday responsibilities. Here is the first one. 


Pull out your planner and take a look at all the things you have listed. If you don’t have one please go and purchase one. If we write things down, and make them plain  we get them out of our head. This frees up some energy and gives us a form of direction and organization. Now, pick the  planner that will work and bring productivity for you!!!  


Categorize your activities  from the most important to the least. Make a column for  work, my business, home, spiritual, me time, other. I think that will cover everything. Try to pick out the six most important things on your list and work from there. Remember it's only 24 hours in a day. You will not be able to master it all in one day!!! Be okay with that!!!!! God willing you will be blessed with another day and with brand new fresh mercies and grace!!!!!!!  This will keep your stress level at bay as well.


Be intentional !! Take some time in the morning to meet with God for a board meeting. He is the CEO of our life. He is all knowing. He does know about  every aspect  of our life. He already knows every one of our responsibilities. He created the day, and He knows what the day holds for you. In all your ways acknowledge Him and He shall direct your path. (Proverbs 3:5-6). Trust in Him completely with your day. We should not rely on our own opinions, but rely on Him to guide us in every decision we make. He may tell you to take care of 3 things on the checklist and let the rest go for that day!!!!  Come, spend some time with me. Will you rest  in His grace and trust in His sovereignty?

I hope this helps take you off overload and put you in a reload status. It will help keep you refreshed and renewed to flourish!!

Be Blessed!

Felicia Baugh

Minister Coach & Mentor

Flourishing with Purpose