Arise & Call Her Blessed

Proverbs 31 talks about the virtuous woman. We like this grand description of this powerful woman yet, it strikes a nerve sometimes. In today's society we fork this as impossible to do all that she did. When you think of the meaning of the word virtuous, what comes to mind is; strength, honor, wisdom, grace, good character,  hardworking, and most of all a woman that fears the Lord. The virtuous woman was a mother that didn't mind rising up early to get things going for her family.  She was one that burned the midnight oil. She was a mother that taught and nourished her children, training them up in the way that they should go. Building and bonding. She knew how to work the daily task, along with intertwining her business at the same time. She took good care of her husband and children. But, there is one thing she did not neglect. She did not neglect herself.

In order to serve and sow back into your family you have to invest into yourself. She would gird, and arm herself with strength. She exercised and took care of her body. She used her gifts and talents to earn extra income for her family. Trust and believe that your children are watching you!!!!!! They watch how you take care of your home, how you treat others, & how you nurture them. They see how your relationship is with God, if you're teaching them the word, & if you're living the word. They watch your relationship with your spouse, & what are you leaving as a legacy for them to follow and build upon. Are you using the gifts and talents God gave you? She knew how to blend and balance all of these aspects of her life, through the wisdom and knowledge that was given to her from God. She flourished in her own way in being a woman first of all, while also a wife and a mother. But, I have come to realize  its not all about doing, its about being and becoming as well!!!! 

To me, this is the highest reward a wife and mother can ever receive.  You want your husband & children to greatly honor & respect you. Such great respect & honor, that they both would proudly rise up and call you BLESSED!