A Solitary Place

Greetings Flourishing Woman!

I have been feeling a little burden down and weary. This morning I kept hearing the word solitude. I immediately thought about how Jesus always slipped away to a quiet place to be alone with the Father. Now in the morning, haven risen a long  while before daylight, He went out and departed to a solitary place and there He prayed (Mark 1:35).

Jesus always went to a solitary place. He would tell His disciples to always go ahead of Him so He could create space and a place to seek the Father. He needed to get away from His inner circle (His disciples) and all of the other people that constantly surrounded Him. He would depart, find a place of solitude, and then pray. Jesus needed that time with the Father to hear, get refueled and be strengthen. He had to stay connected  and have intimate time with God.

What is solitude? It’s finding time to be alone, going to a secluded place, and being in isolation. You cut yourself off from family, friends, coworkers, TV, cell phones and any other distractions. Your heart and mind is focused only on the Father. Here are some of the signs when you and I may need to get in a place of solitude.

  • Feeling weary and burdened down 
  • Tired in our body and mind
  • Feelings of worry and anxiety
  • Need to hear God’s voice
  • Need to be in His Presence
  • Need guidance and directions
  • Faith need to be built up and rekindled
  • Need strength and security
  • Abide in His love and peace

Jesus had a consistent powerful  prayer life. He departed from people and  places. He created opportunities to be alone with the Father. Lastly, He prayed!!! He could not make it without bonding, having fellowship and intimacy with God. This was a natural thing for Jesus. It  is very much needed for us to depart like Jesus did. He used the boat, mountain top, the wilderness, and the garden to constantly create a solitary place for prayer. It's crucial that we follow Jesus' example. We must become women of prayer so  that we can learn, grow and flourish!!!

Let’s Flourish Together