The Power Of Worship

The story of Abraham and Isaac contains a powerful account of the impelling power of worship and its inextricable connection with sacrifice. "I and the lad will... worship," Genesis 22:5 states. How lovely! We witness them both making their way to the designated place of worship together. The conversation is concise. You and I can find the power to obey God's word through worship.

Sincere worship emboldens us to inquire of the Lord, "What does my Lord say to his servant?" This communion is intimate, and as was the case with Joshua, we, too, will respond quickly to Heaven's experience. The Word simply states, "Joshua did thus" (Joshua 5:14, 15). Through the power of worship, we can obtain courage, resolve, and accomplishment.

In Heaven, we worship minute by minute. It is carried out on a daily basis, minute by moment. What effect does it have on our own lives when it is performed on earth?

1. God's ministers. He inhabits his people's praises in Psalms 22:3.
2. Clears the air and eliminates distractions from my life.
3. Develops a responsive heart in me.
4. Refocuses our attention on Jesus.
5. Develops an attitude of gratitude in my heart.
Some may argue that they are not in the mood to worship. Certain individuals feel hypocritical when worshipping due to a lack of experience. We are not seeking an experience or an emotion, but as we proclaim Jesus' name, His presence will spark our hearts and we will feel His love.

The terms worship and service are frequently used interchangeably throughout the Sacred Scriptures. This is how Heaven is designed. The Creator God, who desires our worship, is eager to bestow upon us the power necessary for service. Let us keep in mind that only by service can we preserve. The fundamental link to heaven is maintained by our willingness to worship God.



The Eastern Wise Men had a fantastic experience. Their eyes were elevated heavenward, they saw His star, and they came to worship Him, After the resurrection, this was the fortunate lot of the eleven disciples. Matthew 28:17 recounts that "when they saw him, they worshipped him." How accurate! When we fix our gaze on heavenly things today, we, too, will see and worship. We shall be moved to worship Christ as we come to see Him as our personal Saviour.

Indeed, the worship hour is a gathering in heavenly realms with Christ Jesus. How precious each opportunity is for worship of our dear Redeemer should be. We should acquire a sense of commitment, snd increased dedication to worship. What a magnificent opportunity bestowed to fallen mankind!

Numerous individuals in the Bible testify to the power of worshipping God.

1. Acts 16:24–26: Paul and Silas singing in the prison. Paul and Silas, instead of being unhappy, anxious, and stressed about their position, prayed and worshipped God. Their singing attracted the attention of heaven, and God intervened on their behalf. And as a result of their adoration, the atmosphere shifted - the prison doors were opened and the prisoners' chains were released. Heavenly intervention intervened and rescued Paul and Silas from their predicament. That is not all. They were able to reach an understanding with the jailer in charge that midnight. He believed in Jesus, and as a result, he and his household were rescued.

2. Jehoshaphat's story . "As they began to sing and praise, the Lord created ambushes against the men of Ammon, Moab, and Mount Seir who were attacking Judah, and they were defeated," Second Chronicles 20:22 states. What an odd fighting strategy - but the Lord ultimately won the battle for them. There is something inherent in worship that permits us to come face to face with God's power.


3. In Luke 7:36-50, the Woman with the Alabaster Box is described. Some of the most sublime acts of worship can originate from the most unlikely of places. This woman was a marginalised individual who had been exploited and abused. However, something in Jesus' words and deeds moved her to bring her most prized property and pour it out in an act of love and worship. She overcame fear, prejudice, and shame in an instant and created one of the most intimate moments of worship in the Bible. As a result, even when man's opinion declares us "guilty," there is One who can be moved by our worship and forgive us of all of our faults!


Keep in mind that worship is how we express our love, adoration, admiration, and awe in the presence of God. Worship transforms the worshipper into the likeness of the One who is worshipped".

1. How do we worship God in our daily life?
2. What does true worship mean?
3. Why worship is very important?