Not Perfect, but Being Perfected

The title for today’s Bible study is “Not perfect, but being perfected.

We are not perfect, but we are being perfected. 

God is perfecting us. 

So, when you think about the word perfect, you think about being free from defects. 

We also think that being perfect is about being finished or being complete.

And a lot of times, we don't always hit the bullseye. 

What do I mean by that?

It means we don't always cross every T and dot, every eye and sometimes along the way, we make mistakes.

But it is so good to know that God knows our heart. And in my last two lives I have been talking about “it's the heart of the matter”. And I'm so grateful today to share with you that God looks at the heart. 

He knows the heart of the matter. He knows your desires, He knows your dreams, He knows your vision. And He knows them because it is God that has put these desires in you.

In Psalms 138:8, it says, “that the Lord will perfect that which concerns you”.

Everything, every area of your life, God will perfect it, He will perfect it.

 And in Philippians 1:6  it says, being confident of this, that He who began a good work, God has begun a good work in me, and he has begun a good work in you.

As the verse continues, it says, “that He who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

He has put those gifts and talents in you. 

He has given you the gifts and abilities, even though everything may  have not gone the way you have desired for it to go. But He has placed these gifts and talents and abilities in you.

He has begun His good work. And He has promised that He will bring it to a finish. He has promised us that He will complete it as long as we keep our heart right towards Him and have a desire to live for him and be all that He would have us to be and carry out that work and carry out that assignment that He has given us. 

Let me tell you something. 

We don't have to walk around in doubt. 

We don't have to walk around in fear, we can rest assured, we can walk around in confidence and know that it is God that will complete this work that He has started in me.

It is God who will complete that work that He has started in you. 

So I want to encourage you today.

To let you know that we can ride on the wings of God, we can ride on the faith of God, we can ride on the confidence of God and in knowing and in trusting and believing that everything that He has started in us that He is going to be the one that will complete that good work. And notice I say it that good work that He has started in you.

So today just remember that, No, we are not perfect. But on this journey, we are being perfected.

God is the one who knows the matter of your heart. 

And I'm praying that these words have encouraged you today. Go out you guys and just make it a great day and ride on the confidence and knowing that He will perfect that good thing that He has started in you.

Be blessed.

Reflection Questions.

1. What area/s of your life is God polishing and strengthening right now?

2. Are you concern about your Christian walk?

3. Are you allowing God to work on perfecting your life or are you still taking control of your own decisions?



Dear Lord,

Thank you for constantly working in my life and thank you that even if I am far from being perfect, I know I am being perfected by YOU.

Help me Lord to surrender my whole life to YOU and let YOU direct my path and make me the person YOU designed me to be. 

Guide me and take control of my life as I continue on this Christian journey.

In Jesus name I pray,